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We feed Saint Augustine endeavors to alleviate hunger.  We connect the local food distribution, cooking and farming community to our neighbors who are struggling.   We also promote the local food and businesses who’s hard work and generosity make our community a wonderful place to live.  

We do this through:

  • Collecting food, material and financial donations. 

  • Distributing food and meals from local food distributors, farms, restaurants and chefs to families at our events.

  • Leveraging social media and other platforms to promote the generosity of our partners to help them sustain and grow.   

Meet The team

President/Founder - Tyrone Bennett


Operations Coordinator - Brooke Gast


Volunteer/Logistics Coordinator - Mary Cummings


Culinary Adviser - TBA

Culinary Site Coordinator - Barry Honan


Community Liason - TBA

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