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We Feed St. Augustine


We feed St. Augustine is a not-for-profit non-governmental organization that connects the greater Saint Augustine food service, restaurant, distribution and farming network to our neighbors.  We raise funds, collect food and distribute donations and meals at our events to anyone in need.   We are proud to collaborate with many local businesses to bring a little relief, joy and dignity to local families who could use a boost. 

We collect fresh food and gift cards from local businesses and restaurants as well as monetary donations to aid in the acquisition of more food through our PayPal below

We are always happy to accept food, material, gift cards and financial donations.  Your generosity helps us to ensure that we have enough food to distribute at our events.   To learn more about our upcoming events click here.   To donate via paypal click here.  For more information on specific needs email us:

We feed Saint Augustine endeavors to alleviate hunger.  We connect the local food distribution, cooking and farming community to our neighbors who are struggling.   We also promote the local food and businesses who’s hard work and generosity make our community a wonderful place to live. 

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